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Earn Doge coin & Excalibur Coin

Knight Doge is a unique meme coin on the BSC Network. A Decentralized Meme Token designed to serve its Community – UNITING Defi Game, NFT staking and Gaming. Besides, by combining token buyback and redistributed to all holders as reward. Simply buy & hold $KNIGHTDOGE and you’ll get Dogecoin airdropped to your wallet every 60 minutes automagically! Also, stake $KNIGHTDOGE and earn our next generation Excalibur coin for future benefits.

About Us

Every King needs their Knight.

King Arthur had his Knights of the Round Table, Charles VII had Joan of Arc. And now, through hard work and effort, Elon Musk, the King of Crypto, has his Doge Knight. Doge Knight exists solely to support his King. Wherever Elon is, whatever he needs. Doge Knight will be there to serve him. That’s why 50% of the Doge Knight coin is Elon-locked.

Doge Knight finds Elon, 50% of Doge Knight coins will go to him. Otherwise, that 50% remains locked forever. Chivalrous, Doge Knight is Crypto’s Knight in shining armour. And Doge Knight will stop at nothing to serve under his King, Elon Musk.

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Gain Passive Income

Every $KNIGHTDOGE transaction will reflect DOGE to holders, liquidity for long-term stability.

10-15% TAX Fee

5% Airdrop with $Dogecoin
3% Marketing(Influencer marketing)
2% Liquidity Provide to Pancakeswap
Sell Fee = Buy Fee x 1.5 Each Charge

5-10% Dividend Paid in $DOGE Coin

Upto 10% of every buy/sell is redistributed to the $KNIGHTDOGE holders in the form of Dogecoin.
Min 20 tokens required.

Excalibur Token for Innovative Defi Game

$XCA token will be used DEFI game and can earn with $KNIGHTDOGE staking.

King Elon Buybacks

Our King Elon will use 2% of transactions for auto-buybacks to maintain price stability and save us from the unprecedented times.

Elon Musk holdings

Reserve 20% Of The Token For King Elon(1 Year Locked). Give it to him at the right time, otherwise tokens will be locked forever.


Total Supply 500,000
Smart Contract : 0xb9d55cbc1e10a72f1b4d236c7576c0672b7770bc Copy
$DOGE Airdrop
Marketing Push

Token distribution and holding ratio chart

Excalibur Token

Excalibur is native token of knight doge and Defi Game users will be able to earn $XCA rewards with $knight doge staking.

  • Yield Farming In Decentralized Finance
  • Defi Game Launching
  • Excalibur Doge Price Predict launching

Ticker: XCA
Platform: BEP-20
Total Supply: Trillion

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NFT StakingComing Soon

NFT YIELD FARMING !(Stake $KnightDoge and get $XCA token)

The innovative concept of NFT Yield Farming allows NFT collections to be used in DeFi yield farming, which extraordinarily enhances NFT collections’ value!

Will Create a fun and interesting Knight Doge auction market to make money.

6 type level card can obtain with blind box and enjoy staking.


Phase 1

Set up Telegrams
Website Launched
Social Media launch
Start Of Marketing
3000 Telegram Members
Basic audit
100 Holders

Phase 2

Community Airdrop
​Influencer marketing push
PancakeSwap Listing
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Excalibur Game launch
3,000 Holders

Phase 3

Blind card box launch
Expanding Community
Website Upgrades
Initial CEX Listings
Further Ecosystem Development
Whitepaper Update
Complete audit
5,000 holders

Phase 4

Defi game launch
Larger scale marketing
Multiple Exchange Listings
100,000 Holders
NFT market open
More to be Announced

Our Team

King Elon
Knight Doge
Peasant Catherine

Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high risk in nature. Do not invest more than what you can afford to lose.
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